Jameson Whisky

We all have our little vices in life and we all like to enjoy things now and then that perhaps would not be too healthy for us if we were to consume them on a daily basis. Chocolate or ice cream for example; we all love eating them, yet if we ate them every day in excessive amounts, we’d gain weight, we’d turn diabetic, and we’d be at a much higher risk of suffering a heart attack or some other diet and weight-related medical conditions. As a treat now and then however, they’re absolutely fine, and the same goes for alcohol, provided you’re of legal drinking age and don’t have an issue with alcohol consumption. If you were asked to name a popular spirit, 9 times out of 10 the first spirit you named would be whiskey, and for good reason too. Whiskey has been enjoyed for centuries upon centuries, and is still as popular now as it was several hundred years ago. Life and civilisation may have changed drastically over the course of history, but the recipes and brewing techniques of these delicious whiskies have remained mostly the same, which is a welcome change in a world where people are constantly changing recipes and products in a bid to increase sales. Jameson Whiskey is without question, one of the most popular whiskies you’ll come across and for that reason we’ll now be taking a closer look at its rich and storied history.

A brief history of Jameson Whiskey – People often think of the Scots when they think of whiskey, and whilst it’s true that the Scots certainly do know their way around a whiskey barrel, so too do the Irish. Want evidence of this statement? Simply pour yourself a glass of Jameson whiskey and you’ll know exactly what we mean. Created by John Jameson, each bottle of Jameson whiskey has their family motto ‘Sine Metu’ printed upon it. This translates to ‘without fear’ and has been Jameson’s philosophy since 1780. Jameson began experimenting with different barleys when distilling his whiskey, noting that some varieties tasted far better than others. Using his Irish charm and keen business drive, he was able to persuade local farmers to grow the strains of barley that he found made the best tasting Whiskey. Each spring he provided them with the seeds and thanks to the farmer’s expert knowledge, techniques, and equipment, these superior barley crops thrived. By the year 1820, Jameson and son was now the second most popular distilling company in all of Ireland, and were gaining popularity by the day. People began favouring whiskey over brandy and whiskey sales skyrocketed.

Serving suggestions – Jameson Whiskey is best enjoyed served over ice cubes on the rocks, although there are many other delicious ways of enjoying this whiskey drink as well. For starters, to give true meaning to an “Irish coffee” pour a shot of Jameson’s into a cup of your favourite coffee and let it soothe your body from the inside and warm your bones. For a simple whiskey sour however, add a shot of Jameson’s whiskey to a cocktail shaker with ice, shake, add lemon juice and sugar syrup and enjoy. Jameson whiskey also works incredibly well with good quality fiery ginger ale.