Fireball Whisky

Well, with the festive season now upon us and soon to be in full swing, it’s pretty safe to say that many of us will be doing a little “over-indulging” shall we say, and will be eating and drinking far too much. Many of us like a drink from time to time, and many of us have our own favourite tipples that we enjoy on special occasions. Some people prefer wine, some prefer beer, some prefer cider, and some would much rather sip on a nice warming, smooth, and deliciously maturated glass of their favourite Whiskey. Whiskey has been popular in countries all over the world for centuries upon centuries now, and everybody seems to have their own favourite brands and flavours. Some prefer scotch whilst others seem to prefer bourbon or single malts perhaps. One brand which has been growing in popularity over the years, and one which is especially popular during the colder winter months and over Christmas, is fireball whiskey, which we’ll be looking at shortly.

First off, let’s take a brief history lesson on Whiskey – Perhaps the most well known form of Whiskey is Scotch Whiskey, which can only be classed as such if it has been made in Scotland itself. The earliest records of Scotch Whiskey distillation date way back to the year 1494, often brewed by monks in monasteries and used mainly for medicinal purposes. Because of this, it got the nickname ‘aqua vita’ which translated into ‘water of life’. Fast forwarding several centuries, due to high taxes on the whiskey, as well as the malts used to brew it, whiskey was often smuggled underground in the early to mid 1800’s. Thanks to a special legislation passed by governments however, resulting in a 10 pound charge plus charges for pure spirits, the smuggling died down as people would much rather pay the fee and brew the drink themselves. Grain whiskey came along in 1831 and became more popular due to the slightly milder taste. As years went by, distillation techniques remained the same, but people began getting more adventurous with flavourings and ingredients, which leads us to fireball Whiskey.

Fireball whiskey – With a name like “fireball” whiskey, and a tagline that reads “tastes like heaven, burns like hell” you know it’s not going to have a mild mannered and subtle flavour. Fireball whiskey is heavily infused with cinnamon flavour to create an intense burning sensation. Founded by Canadian Whiskey, it is a firm favourite in winter time, especially during Christmas due to the warming sensations and sweet yet potent cinnamon taste infused with the whiskey itself. At 33% volume it certainly isn’t mild and can be enjoyed in a number of different ways.

Serving suggestions – There are a number of ways to enjoy a delicious glass of Fireball whiskey, each one just as delicious as the last. To begin with you can simply enjoy it on the rocks, or as a straight shot perhaps. Numerous cocktails make use of this beverage however, including a ‘hot cherry fizz’, a ‘ciderball’ and a ‘ring of fire’. It also tastes delicious served in hot coffee or hot chocolate.