Bells Whisky

If you’re looking for ways of treating somebody and showing them just how much you care about them and what they mean to you, then why not show them by presenting them with a bottle of their favourite spirit? Traditionally gifts are given at Christmas, on birthdays, on anniversaries, and other holidays throughout the year but in reality you can treat somebody with a gift at any time for whatever reason you like. By far the most popular spirit presented as a gift on all occasions is whiskey, and when you consider the fact that we’ve been enjoying this beverage for centuries upon centuries it’s no wonder. For the ultimate whiskey to be presented as a gift, why not go with one of the most delicious and popular whiskies in the entire world: Bells. Here we’ll be taking a brief look at bells whiskey and its history, as well as providing a few useful serving suggestions for you at the end.

A brief history of Bells Whiskey – Bells whiskey is without question one of the most popular whiskies on the face of the earth, and the Bells story actually dates back almost two hundred years. Beginning from a small shop in Perth, Scotland, Bells Whiskey is steeped in tradition and history. Back in 1825, in a wee shop located in Perth, Scotland, a man named Arthur Bell decided to trade in two of the precious commodities in the world at that time: tea, and whiskey. Nearly two decades later, Bell had established himself as a key player in the whiskey distillery world, and created a revolutionary blend of whiskey known as the Bell’s blend, which combined several fine blends of whiskey together. Bells was now an established firm, and Arthur’s two son’s Robert Bell, and Arthur JNR Bell, joined the company and began trading under the name Arthur Bell and Sons. The American prohibition era hit Bells (and all other brewing and distillery companies) extremely hard, but thankfully the period came to an end in 1933, resulting in a distinct increase in sales. Arthur Bell and Sons began opening more distilleries to help keep on top of business and went from strength to strength from then on. In 1978, Bells was crowned the UK’s number 1 whiskey, which was an incredible feat considering the competition. In 1987, Scottish artist Tom Adams, created his renowned ‘The Very Best of Scotland’ campaign, featuring depictions of truly Scottish items such as Grouse feathers, stag statues, and of course, a bottle of Bells whiskey. This campaign was seen all over the globe and helped generate massive interest in Bells from overseas customers. Bells recently went into partnership for the Help for Heroes charity back in 2013, and pledged to raise at least £1 million for the charity. One year later, they did indeed raise the promised £1 million for the charity and continue to work in close partnership with this wonderful charity.

Serving suggestions – Bells whiskey, like most other malt whiskies, is best enjoyed over ice, neat, or with fresh mineral water to really bring out the flavours. However, there are also numerous cocktails and mixers that work well with the whiskey, including a simple whiskey and coke. ‘Swisky’ cocktails are very popular, containing 1 shot of amaretto, 1 shot of triple sec, and 1 shot of Bells whiskey. Shaken and served over ice.